Also ... was mir in der Studie aufgefallen ist

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Da ich selber Laie auf dem Gebiet bin, sind dies natürlich alles nur Vermutungen. Ich bitte daher auch andere, sich dieses Dokument ( [Schnipp - Link zu lang Meldung] /Determination_of_the_effectiveness_of_chlorine_dioxide_in_COVID.pdf) genau anzusehen und ggfs. zu kommentieren.

Was mir aufgefallen ist:

Methods: Research on the mechanism of action of chlorine dioxide on viruses, on the oral consumption ofwater-solubilized Cl02 and on its toxicity was reviewed; a quasi-experimental investigation wasconducted on the use of oral water-soluble chlorine dioxide in the treatment of 20 patients withactive COVID19 infection, compared to a control group of 20 patients not treated with chlorinedioxide.

Eine wirklich kleine Testgruppe.

When evaluating both groups (Control and Experimental) in the laboratories, a difference was found for the values of the parameters PC Reactive on day 7 (p: 0.0001) and DH Lactate (0.0036), with higher scores for the experimental group; Dimero-D on day 7 (p: 0.0194) and on day 14 (p:0.0029) ; difference was found in all parameters.

Die Werte und Durchschnitte finden sich nicht im Dokument.

The pharmacokinetics of ClO 2 varies with the route of exposure. Scatina et al. (1984) examined the dermal absorption of a ClO2 preparation applied to the shaved back of rats. The maximum absorption of Cl in plasma was observed after 72 hours and a plasma concentration of 69.4 mcg% Cl was reached. The absorption half-life was calculated as 22.1 hours, which corresponds to a rate constant of 0, 0314 h-1 (Figure 3).
Fridyland and Kagan (1971) measured the degree of ClO2 absorption in the oral cavity of human subjects by rinsing the mouth with water containing predetermined concentrations of ClO2, and then measuring the residual concentrations of ClO2 in the washings. They found that up to 30% of the ClO2 was absorbed.

Alles äusserliche Anwendung, aber wo sind die Daten zur Konzentration im Blut, um die Aufnahme zu quantifizieren?

In summary, while in other countries the plateau was maintained, in Bolivia it fell, attributing this decrease (as a possible explanation) to preventive measures, the consumption of chlorine dioxide and the massive use of traditional medicine as a possible explanation.

Wie wir sehen, nicht von Dauer:

... the massive use of traditional medicine as a possible explanation.

Ohne Worte ...

In vitro and in vivo studies demonstrate that low doses of water-solubilized ClO2 exhibit potent and rapid antiviral activity against a wide range of viruses.

Als Beispiele werden Trinkwasserbehandlungen angeführt:

In a study on drinking water in the Netherlands, Jin et al. (2013) found that treatment with ClO2 at concentrations of 0.5 ppm for 25 minutes, or 1.5 ppm for 10 minutes, or 2 ppm for 5 minutes achieved at least a 4 log reduction of enterovirus. Schijven et al (2019) demonstrated that municipal drinking water treated with ClO2 (0.1 ppm in summer and 0.05 ppm in winter) significantly reduced adenovirus levels to levels that are considered safe for drinking water.

Alvarez and O'Brien (1982) found a ClO2 concentration of 40 ppm added to wastewater seeded with SARS-CoV that completely inactivated the SARS-CoV in 30 minutes.

Der absolute Burner!

Unfortunately, drug control entities in all countries generated warnings and even bans on its use for human consumption that made it difficult for ethics committees to approve the protocol.

Alle gegen uns ... Jammern gehört nicht in wiss. Studien.

The selection of the treatment or experimental group was made based on patients with active COVID19 infection, who were with positive RT-PCR, symptomatic in intervals from 3 to 7 days, which were not in the resolution phase, who were proposed to be voluntary research subjects. Control group patients chose not to be chlorine dioxide treatment subjects. Similarly, simultaneity was applied, which means that patients were obtained in the same period of time in which the cases arose. Viral load was not determined due to costs, technical and logistical difficulties of the reference laboratories in Mexico, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador.

Hier wird dem Selection Bias Tür und Tor geöffnet. Eine Erfolgskontrolle ist aber zu teuer.

The control group received anti-inflammatory treatment (ibuprofen at doses between 200 and 400 mg every 8 hours), antibiotics (azithromycin 500 mg daily for 5 days), antihistamines (hydroxyzine x 5 mg every 12 hours), corticosteroids (generally 40 mg of methylprednisolone every 12 hours for 3 days and then 20 mg every 12 hours for 3 days) and supportive measures. The experimental group did not receive this treatment.

Noch ein grober Stockfehler, die Gruppen sollten sich nur in der Behandlung mit CLO2 unterscheiden, damit Störwirkungen ausgeschlossen werden können.

Regarding the research question whether chlorine dioxide could effectively reduce morbidity and mortality in COVID19, the confirmatory significant statistical validation by the U test of Wilcoxon – Mann – Whitney test (α: 95%) in the experimental and control groups reveal this and confirm the hypothesis that chlorine dioxide is effective in the treatment of covid19.

... und das, ohne Sterblichkeitszahlen vorzulegen.

Und so könnte ich weitermachen, und weitermachen ...

Ich sollte noch erwähnen, daß ich zu dieser Studie weder auf irgend einem Preprintserver was gefunden habe, noch Peer Reviews erwähnt werden.


PS: Nach einem Jahr ist die Studie immer noch als offen geführt.

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Aber es wird schon munter veröffentlicht.

Läuft in Deutschland ...

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