Davis Stockman: I call it a ‘Fiscal Doomsday Machine.’

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BTW ein interessantes Interview mit Davis Stockman - übrigens ein alter Kollege von Paul Craig Roberts in der Reagan-Administration - [[top]]
Reagan White House Budget Director and best-selling author David Stockman says, “Yields are going to go up, and we are going to have a day of reckoning in terms of this whole massive artificial structure of debt that’s been created. . . . The growth rate is a third of what it was historically . . . there is no magic way out of it. So, I call it a ‘Fiscal Doomsday Machine.’”

Stockman has been touting gold as a must-have insurance policy. Stockman says, “The essential attribute of gold is that it is a contra central bank asset. It’s the one asset that can’t be influenced, manipulated, created or destroyed, for that matter, by the central banks. It’s the one asset that history has proven, without a doubt, can retain its value regardless of the mayhem and financial disorder caused by governments. . . . Gold is the alternative asset to a bubble ridden financial system that is driven by the central banks.”

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