THC und Vitamin E

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Vielen Dank für eure interessanten Hinweise!

So wie ich es verstehe, sind die Problemverursacher Weed-haltige Substanzen, die nicht vom Hersteller, sondern über Drittanbieter eingefüllt werden.

Dazu zwei aufschlussreiche Kommentare bei Yahoo-Finance:

"Vaping has been around for years now with no mysterious deaths... All of a sudden, there are mysterious deaths from short term use. Why do I think there is more going on here that meets the eye. I smoked for years and then vaped and was able to quit both. I purchased from a reputable supplier and never had any problems."

"Unless they were selling toxin-filled, unregulated THC/CBD based vaping products, they have achieved absolutely nothing by banning vaping. 100% of he respiratory problems being caused by vaping have to do with weed and nothing whatsoever to do with nicotine. They put substances, including vitamin E, in the THC inhalants to make the THC stay in your lungs longer and this is what is causing all the illnesses and deaths. So what does NYC do in response: bans flavored nicotine products."

Werde nun eingehend prüfen, wie es sich mit den Konkurrenten von Altria verhält, als da sind:

British American Tobacco (Div.Rend. = 7,2%)
Imperial Brands (Div.Rend. = 9,8%)

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