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Das ist meine Bilanz seit dem 10.12.

Falls es an euch vorbeiging, explodiert XRP seit paar Tagen. Targets der aktuellen Rally sind 1.0, 1.9 und letztlich irgendwo im Bereich zwischen 4.5 und 15.0 $ bis Juni 2018, siehe hier.

Ripple und XRP sind übrigens nicht dasselbe. Ripple ist ein Netzwerkprotokoll und XRP nutzt dieses.

Unter diesem Beitrag gibt es noch zwei interessante Kommentare zur Technologie und dem Geschäftsmodell:


Banks will likely not be holding ripple for long periods of time when making the transactions. In fact, the banks will never hold ripple (minus investment banks of course guys sheesh) because the ripple is held by a clearing house that offers the banks instant liquidity for a percentage of the transaction. Call it an old school ultra miner. It's the guy who takes the risk by holding onto ripple in the market and playing it as a 'nut' or different 'nuts' to keep the value. That is the reason that ripple must remain liquid within the crypto system and have an actual value, because a guy has to hold a pot of it and allow the banks to use it while he eats the however-many-second-exposure-to-the-market that the transaction would have. If you used BTC as an example, what bank would use a service that in the fifteen minutes (hours? thank you Jesus for #LTC) transaction time they might lose 10 million dollars on a 50 million dollar exchange, it just wouldn't work. The coins must be legitimate for the banks to use XRP/Ripple.


A point for Ripple haters - The priority, before evaluating any asset, is to understand how it adds value. Ripple has a tested business model that's becoming more widely adopted. XRP is an integral part of that business model. On the other hand, besides network effects, Bitcoin has been made obsolete by many of its competitors. Therefore, XRP has a better case for investors than Bitcoin and most other mediums for payment.

The best business models will more likely prevail in the long run, and none of the standard critiques against Ripple change that. Honestly -- Who cares if it's "not a real blockchain?" No one. Who cares if they are, "in bed with the banks?" No one. Who cares if they are "working with regulators?" No one. These common arguments against Ripple make its detractors appear like they prioritize ideology over practicality. That makes one wonder, are they trying to run a business or a cause? Ripple should be praised for being responsible, not shouted down!

That's why I think more impactful professional investors shake their heads in disbelief when idealistic developers seeth at Ripple for doing business with financial institutions and collaborating with regulators. They honestly look like a bunch of jealous children next to the adults in the room.

If you want to grow your business, you cater your product to the demands of your customers. That's business 101.


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