Es ist nicht alles schlecht, was aus Amerika kommt

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Zu Birgit Burkhardt meint Rocco Burggraf: *natürlich ist einem

radikalislamischen Staat zu mißtrauen, ...*
Aber Angloamerika mit seiner seit 1871 betriebenen Politik der
Vernichtung Deutschlands, deutlich über 100 Überfällen auf friedliche
Länder und etwa 600 Millionen ausgerotteten Menschen natürlich nicht?
Von dorther kommen so tolle Filme, Fernsehprogramme, Tittenmagazine,
affengeiler Unterhaltungskrach, mit dem man Weiber aufreißen kann und
natürlich auch McDonalds, Burger King und Starbucks.

Must read und immer dran denken, dosis facit venenum, und wenn etwas unter US-Ägide in Abartigkeit ausartet, läßt das in erster Linie Rückschlüsse auf God's own Country zu:

Pornography and Political Control

At 4:30 pm on March 30, 2002, Israeli military forces took over Palestinian TV stations when they occupied Ramallah in the West Bank. Shortly after occupying the Al-Watan TV station, the Israeli forces began broadcasting pornography over its transmitter. The Palestinians were outraged and bewildered. “Why in the world,” one woman wondered, “should one do such a thing?” The answer is simple. The Israelis broadcast pornography because pornography is a weapon in the arsenal of psychological warfare.
After Paul Volker, who died on December 8, allowed the creditors whose interests he served to strike down every usury law in this country, the Cato Institute used the money which accrued from the usurious take-over of the economy to undermine the moral basis of the social order, taking political power out of the hands of the people and placing it in hands of the oligarchs.

When pornographer John Stagliano, also a member of the Cato Institute, was charged with producing obscene material in 2010, the Cato Foundation rushed to his defense. A series of articles in Reason Magazine, also funded by the Koch brothers, portrayed Stagliano as a martyr to the cause of free speech, trotting out libertarian “principles” to defend him. In an article defending Ira Isaacs, who had produced videos “of a female engaging in sex acts involving human bodily waste and a video . . .of a female engaged in sex acts with animals,” Reason referred to pornography as “America’s liberty.

Like the vulture capitalism which is its main source of funding, Libertarianism is a Jewish ideology confected by people like Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman, and Murray Rothbard, who was also a member of the Cato Institute, to defend oligarchic interests. Jewish Libertarians believe in free speech, but only when it serves their interests.

A good case in point is Alan Dershowitz, who used the free speech ploy to defend Deep Throat in 1972, when Jews had not yet completed their take-over of American culture, but then abandoned it and promoted hate speech legislation after that take-over was complete. In a breathtaking expression of Jewish hypocrisy, the same Dershowitz who defended pornography as free speech in 1972 stood next to Donald Trump in December 2019 when he signed an executive order using Title VI to ban criticism of Israel and “anti-Semitism” on college campuses.
In 1947 the United States scrapped the Jewish Morgenthau plan to starve the conquered German people to death and put Marshall plan in its place, to restore Germany as a Bulwark against Soviet communism. That meant pumping money into the economy and to ensure that the Germans had something to buy the Allies imported 150 tons of obscene material into Germany.

E. Michael Jones hat das Rauschgift vergessen. Auch diese Segnung, den Import harter Drogen verdanken wir unseren Befreiern.

Weil's so schön ist:

The reaction of the oligarchs who created sexual revolution to distract this cohort from the fact that they were hopelessly enslaved to their own passions and student loan debt was swift in coming when Rolling Stone magazine denounced anyone who objected to pornography as anti-Semitic. As its authority on the matter, Rolling Stone cited David Ley, PhD, author of The Myth of Sexual Addiction and “a clinical psychologist and sex therapist who studies pornography and mental health.”

Rolling Stone cited David Ley => Ich dachte, das war der Typ aus Hitlers Arbeitsfront? So kann man sich täuschen.


*Die Demokratie bildet die spanische Wand, hinter der sie ihre Ausbeutungsmethode verbergen, und in ihr finden sie das beste Verteidigungsmittel gegen eine etwaige Empörung des Volkes*, (Francis Delaisi).

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