Die Klima-Leugner bemühen sogar die Wissenschaft.

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Humans Are Officially Greening the Earth. Is That a Good Thing?

China, India have added an Amazon rain forest’s worth of plants to the world

Quelle: http://www.bu.edu/articles/2019/humans-are-officially-greening-the-earth-is-that-a-good...

China und Indien, die Umweltverpester schlechthin?

Chi Chen, a Boston University graduate researcher, and Ranga Myneni, a BU professor of earth and environment, are the lead and senior authors of a new paper in Nature Sustainability that reveals how humans are influencing the Earth’s plant and tree cover. On the surface, it may look like a no-brainer that “greening” of the planet would be a good thing for reducing atmospheric carbon. But taking a closer look, the authors help us see that not all leaves grow up to be equals.

Ja ja, da hat die Öl- und Kohle-Lobby wieder Wissenschaftler gekauft/geschmiert, um falsche Zahlen zu generieren.
Die Namen verraten doch schon, wo sie her kommen und wer da der Auftraggeber ist.
Alles VT im Namen des Profits.
Wie gut das es da noch Greta gibt und Herrn Schellnhuber.

Looking at remote sensing data from NASA’s satellites, we’ve discovered that over the last two decades, the Earth has increased its green leaf area by a total of 5 percent, which is roughly five and a half million square kilometers—an increase equivalent to the size of the entire Amazon rain forest. The two countries that have been most responsible for the global greening came as a surprise to us. We found that China and India—the world’s first and second most populous and still-developing countries—are leading the world in greening due to widespread crop farming.

Sogar die NASA hat man bestochen oder die Bilder nachträglich gefälscht.
Die menschengemachte Klima-Leugner Bande ist wirklich weltumspannend.

Green leaves produce sugars using energy from the sunlight to mix CO2 absorbed from the surrounding air with water and nutrients soaked up from the ground. These sugars, whose production helps eliminate CO2 from the atmosphere, are the source of food, fiber, and fuel for life on Earth. Based on this knowledge, more greenery sounds like a good thing.
Here’s the catch. Not all land plants are created equally.

Ha, jetzt schnappt die Falle zu.
Es ist doch nicht alles grün im Staate Chindien.

Part of the green effect in China can be attributed to an ambitious tree-planting initiative known as the Green Great Wall. However, the vast majority of greening in China and India stems from the intensive agricultural use of land that helps feed the 1.4 and 1.3 billion people who live in those countries. China and India each have about two million square kilometers of crop lands, which has not changed much since the early 2000s. In contrast, total food production of grains, vegetables, and fruits has increased greatly, about 35-40 percent, in that time.

Da haben wir’s.
Die bauen Getreide, Gemüse und Obst an.
Das geht ja gar nicht.
Warum ißt man in China denn nicht Menschen, so wie es der Professor aus Norwegen vorschlug? Da wohnen doch eh viel zu viele.
Das wäre echte Klima-Rettung.
Außerdem wird der Kohlenstoff ganz schnell wieder in die Atmosphäre abgegeben.

It was surprising for us to find that intensive agriculture is driving so much greening in China and India because we previously thought that greenhouse gas emissions were the primary drivers of global greening through higher levels of atmospheric carbon (aka more food for plants) produced by the burning of fossil fuels. This is consistent with work from other research groups that have recently provided strong additional evidence for the connection between human land use and the greening phenomenon observed in sub-Saharan Africa and throughout Europe.

Landnutzung und Begrünung stehen in keinem Zusammenhang.
Aber so sollen wir manipuliert werden.
Ist das perfide.

Our findings have uncovered an important research gap that has not been considered until now, which is the need for Earth system models to incorporate data and processes about how humans are using land. These factors are essential for us to understand as we continue to look at the Earth’s plant cover and consider how green leaf area can help—or hinder—our efforts to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and combat climate change.

Nur Lug und Trug.
Gut, daß unsere Politiker endlich Maßnahmen gegen Hassrede und Manipulation ergreifen wollen. Dann können solche Typen wie Chen und Myneni nicht mehr ihre angeglich wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnisse verbreiten und die mindergebildeten AfD-Wähler beeinflussen.

So, @Otto Lidenbrock.
Das war jetzt mein Beitrag zur Monsanto-These, Deines E-Mail Schreibers.
Der darf jetzt wieder lieb sein. [[zwinker]]


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