Deradikalisierung von ISIS-Bräuten nahezu unmöglich

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Ganz interessant, weil fundiert und Beispiele aus Dt. mit Klarnamen angesprochen werden und man dann weitersuchen kann (15jährige deutsche Leonora M, die von einem bio-deutschen Konvertiten rekrutiert wurde und der, man darf vermuten, ungestraft ihr Leben ruiniert hat). Die sogenannte "Deradikalisierung" bringt keine Ergebnisse, funktioniert einfach nicht. Schlimmer, viele der Radikalen kommen demnächst aus den Gefängnissen frei usw. usw.


"female jihadis are not simply “jihadi brides.” GLOBSEC dataset includes cases of attack planners, active female jihadi recruiters, propagandists, etc. Moreover, the women in the subset are also very well networked into the jihadi milieu, and many wish to, albeit few successfully complete the process, travel to a conflict zone. This strongly disproves the theory of a lack of female agency within the larger jihadi milieu. GLOBSEC anticipates that in the future they might play even more significant roles in further development of European jihad, and the European CT strategies should; therefore, go beyond the “bride” paradigm and prepare for more terrorist challenges animated by or orchestrated by females."

"... dataset of 326 European jihadis (from 2015, the peak year of European jihadism) who have all either been arrested for terrorism offences (with 199 later convicted), expelled from a given country because of their alleged terrorism links (39 individuals), died while executing terrorist attacks abroad or in one of the 11 EU countries (50; Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and the UK, i.e., those that reported more than 20 terrorism arrests reported to Europol that year), or are still at large and are sought by security authorities (38).

The individual stories of the European jihadis often point out to the long-term nature of their jihadi involvement and the fact that many of them will be released from prison in the upcoming years. In this sense, the report points to the “future of the past” of European jihadism."



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