Paul Craig Roberts heute: The State of the Economy

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What few, if any, economists and financial market commentators understand is that today all markets are rigged by the plunge protection team. For at least a decade it has not been possible to evaluate the financial situation by relying on traditional thinking and methods. Rigged markets do not respond in the way that competitive markets respond. This is the explanation why companies that see no investment opportunities for their profits better than the repurchase of their own shares can have high price/earnings ratios. This is the explanation why the market’s effort to bring stock prices in line with realistic price/earnings ratios is unsuccessful.

As far as I can surmise, the Federal Reserve and plunge protection team can continue to rig the financial markets for the mega-rich until the US dollar loses its role as world reserve currency.

Diese Herrschaften lassen eben nix anbrennen... alles im Großen Plan [[zwinker]]
Den über-eifrigen Deutschen - solang es sie noch gibt...- geht es wie beim Wettlauf zwischen Hase und Igel: City - WS
"Bin schon da!"
Die Besatzer&Co sind und BLEIBEN für immer und ewig die Number ONE...

Warum, warum, warum... ist die Banane krumm???

Respekt: FAKTEN?, Fakten??, ...fakten??? - eher übliche Schlaftablette... [[zwinker]]

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Gold vs. the Plunge Protection Team
Friday, 2/01/2008
The key weapons in the PPT's arsenal include brainwashing the media, fudging the US inflation data, Federal Reserve rate cuts, massive Fed money injections, tax rebates, pork barrel spending, and intervention in the stock index futures markets.

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