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für mich sieht das eher nach einer Explosion aus, so wie die Trümmerteile verteilt sind. Immer gut sich mal bei Jim Stone umzusehen:

March 24 2015

A320 remote recovery system used to crash German A320, FINAL ANSWER.
The following report is disjointed a little, it "evolved and is not cleaned up yet.

At the time of 911, there were three well known aircraft that had remote control hijack recovery as a standard feature. These three aircraft were the Boeing 757, 767 and the Airbus A320. If anyone is able to dig expunged history, all 757/67 aircraft were grounded for over a month after 911. This was well publicized at the time. This was done because the "white hats" knew the truth about 911 from second one, and ordered all 757/67 planes grounded while the remote hijack recovery systems were disabled because they knew how 911 really happened regardless of the zio spin. This grounding was considered separate from the initial grounding of all aircraft regardless of make and model, which happened immediately after 911.

The Airbus A320 was allowed to continue with these systems in place because their access codes were more secure and at that time there was no hack that would work.

If there is nothing to hide, we should already have word of what the pilots were saying to the tower, which is a cold hard fact with any crash that is not a black op. Pilots can always talk, and always have plenty of time to at least tell the tower what the problem is, plane crashes are not car accidents that are over in a second.

This crash happened in France, which means there is no possibility whatsoever that the pilots did not tell the tower what happened UNLESS: 1. they were shot unexpectedly by the fighter aircraft that were in the area or 2. this was a remote hijack crash. We should already have all the details, no flight recorder recovery needed if this crash was legitimate.
I am new to this event, gathering info.

UPDATE: I am calling it already: This was a remote controlled crash or shoot down, period, end of discussion.
You only need two pieces of info to nail this one. They are:

1. No word from the pilots, saying anything was wrong. 2. The plane was flying at a high altitude before this "crash". This means that the pilots could have at least issued a mayday, and they did not. Even though they crashed at a high speed, you can't delete that much altitude before a mayday could be sent or the tower could be reached the normal way. The only way NO communication can happen is if they got jammed or someone outside the aircraft disabled any ability to send a mayday. Or if the cockpit was suddenly destroyed

The plane crashed after a steep descent that stayed within structural limits, pilots won't do that themselves and a malfunction is not likely to cause it either. All reports are saying the plane crashed while in one piece so structural malfunction can probably be ruled out.

"Witnesses have described hearing an explosion 'like the sound of dynamite' then seeing fighter jets fly past, suggesting the passenger plane had been under military escort". This would strongly indicate this plane went the way of MH-17. If the cockpit was hit by a missile, obviously the pilots would not have radioed a mayday or contacted the tower.

It is impossible for the "sound of dynamite" to have been a sonic boom, because witnesses on the ground heard it before the fighter jets passed, and a sonic boom arrives AFTER the object causing it passes. The sound of dynamite means this plane could have been shot down
FINAL CONFIRMATION: The plane took 10 minutes to crash, AND NO WORD FROM THE PILOTS. How about this? The sound of "dynamite" was the actual crash, followed by fighter jets that either witnessed it being remote controlled it into the ground, or did it themselves. NO WORD FROM THE PILOTS SEWS THIS ONE UP IN A BODY BAG, 10 minutes to send a mayday, 10 minutes to radio the tower, and NOTHING was said? This would only be made possible by jamming pilot communications. That does not happen by chance.
To the idiots out there who might say "Oh, the conspiracy crowd solved this before a single investigator arrived at the crash scene:" There are only a few things you need to know to solve this one, the rest is just scammery:
1. The plane descended for 10 minutes, and NO WORD FROM THE PILOTS. How can that happen? Jamming of communications. Who could have jammed communications?

2. The fighter jets, which were following this Airbus. THEY could have jammed the communications with ease, AND shot it down. They probably did not shoot it down OR EVEN NEED TO JAM COMMUNICATIONS because:

3. The plane was equipped with remote control (for "hijack recovery") AS A STANDARD FEATURE. That level of external control would make switching off communications via remote control a NO BRAINER.


Why would fighter jets be following at just the right time anyway? We really do need to figure out who was on that plane.


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