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    Iran , die Lage spitzt sich weiter zu

    verfasst von uluwatu, Bangkok, Samui, Uluwatu, 22.12.2011, 22:31

    Hatte eben eine Mail von einem sehr lieben und stets ausgewöhnlich gut informierten Freund aus Israel im Postfach. Ich denke er wird nichts gegen das Posten eines Teilauszugs davon haben.

    "Another thing that could be of interest to you:
    About 10-14 days ago the American Defence Secretary Leon Panetta was in Israel. He actually spoke about there being still time to deal with Iran and that a military intervention should be avoided. This really pissed off many Israeli ministers. Then something happened in the past two weeks. I don't know what, but probably some new information surfaced. Now, for the first time (believe me I follow this) the U.S. chief of command, Leon Panetta himself and also Obama are already talking about an imminent military strike!!! Check out the internet site: debka.com. This site is a shadow "back door" informal press release outlet for the Israeli defense organizations. You can read it in English, and also verify this information in other websites, like drudge.com. I think these warnings should be seen as a very last warning before a military strike on Iran. Other things to back this up:

    1) Israeli politicians usually can't shut up. But on this issue - not a single word is being said now!!! A year ago, they were all the time talking about a coming Israeli attack on Iran in order to rally the world to do something - without having to attack. Now there is quiet.

    2) The story is backed up with imminent timetables (see in article) why an attack should start in the coming months and not later.

    3) The biggest military drill of all time with participation of both U.S. and Israeli forces is starting in the coming days. What exactly do they have to drill together that they cannot do alone? Coordination between the forces. I believe the whole Israeli Air Force is going to become a section within the American military forces in this operation.

    4) For the past two years the Israeli Air Force has been constantly training very long attack flights, with refueling in the air, and bombing very distant targets like small remote uninhabited rock-islands in the Mediterranean Sea close to Greece and Italy, and also closed military sites in Romania and Bulgaria.

    5) Four out of the five U.S. aircraft carriers are in the Middle East and in the Persian Gulf ( but this has been trues for quite a while now). You can find their general locations over the internet.

    6) All of a sudden, there is quiet also from the European leadership concerning Iran.

    7) There has been a secret "stealth" war going on for over a year: With explosions in quite a few military sites in Iran and two computer worms that caused havoc in Iranian computer systems all over Iran. Unfortunately, these measures, while slowing the process of creating an atomic bomb, did not manage to stop it. Time for the next step. In this context the military support that the insurgence in Syria gets from the west should also been seen - as Syria is an Iranian outpost these days


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  • Iran , die Lage spitzt sich weiter zu - uluwatu, 22.12.2011, 22:31

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